Da Gospel


It took everything she had to voice that scream. Out of the very abyss that was her all; from deep within her nothingness, love called. And as she knew it would, it ripped her apart. That yell became the dividing line. The word that was born of thought and precipitated action. From that one word, the cosmos was born and she ceased to be.
Through the voicing of love, from the abyss came light and the light filled the abyss which had never known darkness. But as the light swelled to fill the abyss so the particles of light became more diffuse and between them darkness, for the first time became apparent.
And so darkness became the characteristic of the abyss and as the particles of light began to cluster, matter was born. Thus came the cosmos into being. A being of darkness characterised by light and matter. But all were embodied by love.
And within this cosmos, amongst the stars, was the possibility of life. However life could not happen without matter. And matter alone could not produce life. It was by the comets that the possibility of life was transported to matter. It was the comet Lucifer, the bringer of light, who crashed into Earth, the matter, and with help of earth’s clay, the first ever germinal vesicle was created. A simple cyano-bacteria, harbinger of all life.

This was about 3 670 000 000 BCE.

The purpose of creating life was to allow love to experience the perpetual fabric as it was created when she spoke. As an experience cyano-bacteria was novel but limited. And so we evolved.
It all started when three different micro-organisms got together to form the very first nucleated amoeba. Some simple oxygen-breathing bacteria took up residence in some stray bits of protein. Like the lichen created when fungi and algae fused, they two fused when they discovered a third prokaryote, another bacterium, which gave them mobility and sensitivity. The first bacterium formed the nucleus while the protein we now call mitochondria. The third microbe gave our cells their characteristic cilia.
Step by step groups of these cells got together to form multi-cellular structures capable of orchestrating their activities for the common good. It was only when we evolved to the chordata phylum that we crossed a threshold and the crowd actually developed an individuality which superseded the sum of the parts. To quote Lyall Watson in Lifetide: “The distinction between substance and form is as simple as the difference between the chemical composition of clay and the shapes into which that clay can be moulded. The substance of life is a small set of amino acids, but the forms are infinite. And in paging through the catalogue of possibilities, evolution has in our case hit on a form which is qualitatively different from others. It is relatively independent of the substance and has the capacity to be formative in its own right.” (p115)

The chordata phylum dates back to about 500 000 000 BCE. All chordata are people. By evolving bi-hemispherical brains we became aware of ourselves as separate entities, as people.


After reading my book you may think I am against the whole world. In fact I believe I am on the side of the majority of life, from the smallest algae to the largest baobab, from the tiniest plankton to the hugest whale. It is only human society I am against and humans are not the whole world. We just think we are and that is what is wrong with the world today.

All the characters in this book are alive and well and living in your town. Maybe one day you will have the pleasure of meeting us.

‘It’s because of lust that dust doesn’t remain just dust.’