"I do wish you would find something to do with your life, or at least get married, or something." As she said it, Beth Whitehead could hear the nagging in her voice. Farleigh had been back less than forty-eight hours and he was already getting on her nerves. Having spent the last eighteen months globe-trotting she thought that at the very least he would have been able to keep her entertained for the first week.
At most, he could have come back knowing what he wanted 'to do with your life' as she always put it. She herself was sick of the phrase and the sound of her own nagging; but not as sick as she was of her son's apathetic company.
"Mother, mother, mother." When he was really irritated he could mumble it ad infinitum, all the while staring right through her, but today he was quite mellow. "I'm still recovering from jet-lag okay. I've got lots to sort out and you're pressurising me to get married. Well, let me tell you, Mommy dearest, travelling far and wide has been a serious eye-opener for me. It's made me realise how little I really know about women. But, euh, I wasn't going to go experimenting with those strange foreign women. They're all whores I'm sure. I wasn't having any of it." He tossed his head and stared out of the window.
"Farleigh, why do you not just find a nice girl and get married and then you can experiment," she shuddered, "safely. I really would not want you to associate with that type of woman."
"You just don't get it mother. I'm expected to date some gorgeous well-bred educated bombshell. I mean, what's she going to see in me? And none of them are virgins either. I don't want to catch something.
"In fact, yes, if I must get married, she'll have to be a virgin."
Beth sits down open-mouthed. "Well. I suppose there is nothing wrong with being old-fashioned. A virgin indeed. I will just pop down to the convent and canvas the Grade Eights, shall I? There is more chance one of them is still a virgin."
"Oh Mother! You always have to be so extreme. I saw a very pretty young girl packing the linen cupboard yesterday evening. She is the very picture of innocence. A virgin if ever I saw one. Where'd she come from?"
"Farleigh! You cannot marry her. That is Edith. Palesa's daughter. They call her Edie."
"That's Edie? She was that dirty little girl who never wore shoes. Huh. She's growing up. When did she start working here?"
"She dropped out of school the end of last year. I have no idea why, she is very bright. I think she finished Grade Nine already."
"And she's how old?"
"I think she will be fifteen later this year."
"She must be a virgin!"
"Farleigh, what are you thinking?"
"Don't stress mother. I wont humiliate you by proposing to the servants. Relax."
"Her job description is laundry maid. You leave her alone."
"Yes mother." He yawns and covertly strokes his cock as his mother leaves the room. He thought of Edie and her poverty induced ignorance, her wide-eyed innocence. He would enchant her with his tales of travel. It had been a mostly boring sequence of hotels but he had a fairly good imagination. She would be intoxicated by the mountains he had climbed and the wild seas he had crossed. He would touch her and she would melt in his arms.
He was standing at the open patio door jerking off. He could hear his mother singing at the piano in the next room and the proximity of her voice made him hornier. He shuffled into the copse of beech trees outside the drawing room window and, as his mother reached the final crescendo, he spasmed into the shrubbery.
* * * * * * *
"I hear abuti-Farleigh is back. Have you seen him?" Palesa was in her usual chair by the coal-stove doing some mending.
"The young prince! I've seen him. He looks very swish but he seems so bored. You know what I think. I think he's never ever had a girlfriend." Edie put the kettle on the stove and went to wash up.
"Well don't go getting ideas. Anna was here earlier n she says she heard him telling aus'Beth he will only marry a virgin and will never touch any other woman. So that counts you out."
As soon as she could get away Edie ran to her brother's room. He was still up and about and noticed his sister's flushed face straight away.
"What?" he grinned.
Edie was incapable of speech. She was giggling so much she had Dan laughing and he did not even know what it was about. It was only when he managed to get one arm around her and the other under her skirt that she managed to gasp back her breath. "Jislaaik, Danny. Eish! Wait! The young prince. They say he's looking for a virgin. Ooh-hoo! Danny. Stop. Wait! He must be nearly twice my age and he's still a virgin. Danny, Danny."
Dan smiled into her face as he felt her come. "You are his one n only virgin, my baby. You gotta do it, sista."
* * * * * * *
Edie tried hard to bump into Farleigh all the next day, but no luck. She had given up and was just packing away the last of the clean linen when he came up behind her.
"Edie?" She jumped. She did not even have to fake the startled young maid look, she had been so deep in thought.
"Yes, Master Farleigh, sir?"
"Ah Edie, I wonder if you could bring m some clean linen?"
"Now, Master Farleigh, sir?" She could see he was enjoying the long title.
"Yes Edie. Oh I know it's time for you to knock off, and I know you put clean linen in my room a coule of days ago, but the truth is, Edie, I'm tired of that room and its endless view of the treetops and the sky. I've decided to move into the annex, yes, upstairs. What?"
"It's just it's terribly dusty in there Master Farleigh sir. Let me get Anna to clean it out for you tomorrow sir. Once it's done I'll bring clean linen and new drapes. I'll get Danny and a couple of the guys to move all your stuff. Oh Master Farleigh, sir, they are lovely rooms up there. I'm so glad someone is going to use them. And I'll get ol' Peter to bring up a box of firewood."
Farleigh laughed, an almost falsetto sound. "Edie, I think you just want to go home. But you are probably right so tonight I'll stay in my old room."
* * * * * * *
"Good evening Master Farleigh, sir." Edie lowered her eyes demurely. "I hope you like your rooms."
"They're very nice Edie, but the windows are so bare."
"Yes Master Farleigh, sir. There's a few drapes'll fit this window. I thought you would like to choose."
"Well, what matches the room?" asked Farleigh helplessly.
"Oh well the cream is always pretty on a window and there's these purplish ones that match all the blues in the room, like, but they might make the room a bit gloomy." Edie tried to help.
"Oh the cream ones definitely. Put up the cream drapes. I must have light," cried Farleigh. He poured himself some wine and lounged in a chair facing the window while Anna and Edie hung the drapes. Edie was on the ladder silhouetted by the setting sun, while Anna passed her the curtains. Farleigh smiled to himself. Maybe life need not be so boring after all.
Anna left as soon as the curtains were up, while Edie stayed and plumped the cushions and pointed out that a fire was laid and just needed a match. She also mentioned that all the neccesary servants had been informed of his move. She smiled at him then and in her sweetest, wide-eyed way she asked if he had any other need of her services.
Farleigh almost choked on his wine as he leapt to his feet. "Edie, Edie," he said. "Won't you light the fire for me before you go?"
"Certainly Master Farleigh." She knelt by the fire. Suddenly he was kneeling next to her, looking into her eyes.
"Edie," he said, again, "have a glass of wine with me to celebrate my new home and I'll tell you of my travels and all I've seen in the world."
Edie looked uncertain. "My Ma'll start to worry if I don't get home till late, but I would love to hear about your travels."
"Well it's still a half hour before you must leave, so I'm sure you have time for a teeny glass of wine, hmm?"
"Oh, I don't really drink wine, Master Farleigh," she had her fingers crossed as she said this, "but I suppose if it's just a really small glass it can do no harm."
Farleigh came back with two glasses. Hers was definitely the larger one but she pretended not to notice. She sipped it as virtuously as she could and stretched her legs out by the fire. She and Anna had found the rug in the next room. After they had washed it they put it in front of the fire. It was the softest, thickest carpet she had ever seen.
Farleigh squatted next to her and was chinking glasses with her in a toast to his new rooms. She took a big swallow, quite forgetting herself, thinking 'this is gonna take all night.' Suddenly she realised something was different, something had changed. Farleigh seemed too far away; she felt as if she was floating.
She looked at the wine left in her glass and then at his. Hers definitely looked cloudy compared to his. He had spiked her drink! 'Oh well,' she thought, 'I can't be held responsible for loss of virtue.' The thought made her giggle out loud. He turned towards her at the sound.
"Happy?" he asked, beaming at her, which just made her want to laugh out loud but she managed to keep a straight face. She downed the remains of her wine instead and asked if she could please have a little more.
Farleigh brought the bottle over and refilled both their glasses. He lounged surreptitiously against the sofa. Edie sighed and slid a bit closer as she took her glass. She could not believe her luck. She felt fabulous and wondered if Farleigh had also had some of whatever he had put in her drink. She wondered too about how long she would be able to maintain her virtuous act. Glancing at Farleigh she noticed that he was half pissed anyway so it was going to be fine.
He was talking about Paris and how 'charmant' it had been. Meanwhile she had secretly loosened some of her clothes and sidled close enough to him that his arm draped across the sofa was virtually around her shoulders. He stopped abruptly in mid-sentence and gazed into her eyes.
"Oh Master Farleigh, it sounds so exciting. Please go on." She could see by the size of his pupils that he was definitely on something too.
"Edie . . . " he stammered as he closed his arm around her shoulders. "Just call me Farleigh see . . I just wanted, I mean . . ." He fumbled with her blouse.
It was obvious to her that he was so wasted, it was quite safe for her to drop her act. In less than five minutes she was quite naked in front of the fire and having to help him out of his clothes. She managed to keep up enough awareness to at least feign some pain during penetration but after that she gave in to the drug completely. Even under its influence she could tell that Farleigh was still holding back, as if in terror. How insecure could the man be, after all it's just sex.
She allowed him to fuck her three times, missionary style each time, before convincing him that her mother really was going to send out a search party any minute. He helped her dress and then collapsed on the rug as he watched her leave.
* * * * * * *
Edie knew very well that her mother would not be worrying. Palesa only worried about her if she had not appeared by morning. So on leaving Farleigh she went straight to Dan's room which was not far from Farleigh's new place. She was bursting with excitement and still flying high. No point wasting that.
Danny was not in. It was past nine; he must have gotten lucky somewhere. She sat on the branch of a tree outside his room thinking of what she wanted to tell him. Three times all in the same boring position. But tomorrow was another day. She could tell by his reluctance to let her go, that he was going to want her back again. She felt obliged to show him how much more exciting sex could be, without bruising his ego. Suddenly a shadow loomed over her and someone breathed in her ear, "You."
She jumped from her perch and spun around, her heart pounding. She had been so lost in thought she had not heard anyone approaching.
"Salem!" She gasped, trying to get her breath back. He looked into her eyes smiling.
"I like you."
She backed off a bit, still feeling the adrenalin in her veins. He was huge. More than a metre across his shoulders and she could pass under his arm without ducking. She gasped involuntarily as he drew closer and touched her hair.
"So soft," was all he said, shaking his head slightly.
Edie looked from Salem to Danny's empty room. She knew he would not mind as long as he did not come home pissed or with a girl while they were still there.
"Come," she said as she took his hand.
* * * * * * *
By the time Danny came home the birds had started waking up though it was still dark. He found his room in disarray. He stumbled in the dark over the shambles and was about to switch on the light when he saw his sister's face amongst a jumble of blankets at the end of the bed.
He bent over her.
"Edie?" He touched her face.
"Hmmm . . . " Two arms came out of the blankets and stretched.
"Edie, what happened? Are you alright?"
She opened her eyes and looked around her. The dawn was just breaking and she could dimly see the chaos around her.
"Oh god," she said, jumping up. Then she remembered everything. She could determine the exact trail she and Salem had cut across Danny's room. She collapsed on the bed in hysterics.
Danny was not impressed.
"Edie! What the fuck. This is my life you have just trashed here an you laugh. What the hell is going on?" He sat down. "Or what the hell did go on. Jeez!"
Edie caught her breath and sat up. "Askies bro. I promise I'll come clean your room today. I'll also tell you exactly what happen here when I come to see you last night but you was out on the jol. But later. I must get home before Ma wakes up an I mus shower n wash my hair. I gotta run." She was already dressing as she spoke. Dan just sat there dazed.
"You also needa shower hey, you mus go to work too. I promise I'll come Daniel." Danny stood up shaking his head and stretching as his sister raced off.

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