The whole day Edie was aware of Farleigh's presence. From where she was ironing in the sun room she could see him lying on the sofa in the next room with a book he never seemed to be reading. When she was finished and was packing everything away she kept catching sight of him somewhere in the background. She managed to get away for a couple of hours over lunch and went to clean and tidy Danny's room.
It was a shock to see again the state it was in. Danny had touched nothing other than to add his own dirty washing to the chaos. She looked fondly again at the big comfy chair by the door where Salem had first pulled her onto his lap. It was lying on its side and all Danny's clothes, papers and junk that had covered the chair were strewn across the floor. They were also somewhat crushed and crumpled from Salem's huge bulk.
She realised that most of the damage had been done before they got their clothes off. In the dark they had become hopelessly entangled in everything when the chair fell over. Amazingly enough, the chair was still intact.
They had found refuge on the old sofa where they had untangled themselves from Danny's clutter and their own clothes. She now sat on the sofa amidst the ruins of Danny's room and remembered how carefully Salem's huge hands had opened all the buttons on her blouse.
Suddenly she recalled how she had thought her back may break as she lay under him on that lumpy sofa. That was when she had led him to Danny's bed which she knew was sturdy enough, even for Salem, she hoped. She gazed at the bed in astonishment as she remembered all that had happened there.
As she tidied up, making the place cleaner than it had ever been, she recalled how she had had to make him leave eventually. It was after two in the morning and Farleigh's drug had worn off leaving her with a dull headache.
He had not seemed at all tired, or keen to leave, but when she explained to him nicely that she really needed to sleep, he got up and dressed. Then when he asked to come and see her again, she had to explain that this was not her room but that of her brother Danny. He was a bit taken aback, asking "Daniel? He's your brother?"
She had smiled at him then, remembering the other day in the pantry, and coyly admitted that Daniel was her brother. He had just grinned, then hugged her and left.
When Edie returned to the House after lunch, the first person she saw was Farleigh. He was standing by the back door smoking. Beth would not allow him to smoke inside the house or at the front door.
"Huh." Farleigh raised an eyebrow. "I see you take executive lunch breaks now."
She smiled warmly at him and watched him melt as she said loudly, "I had permission, Master Farleigh, sir."
He smiled then looked down at his feet self-consciously. Edie lowered her gaze too then looked back up at him. "I have a couple of rooms to do this afternoon, but if you leave your boots by the door, when I'm finished I'll polish them and bring them to your room."
Farleigh seemed embarrassed then. He mumbled something and went back inside. She was amazed to think that it was because she had seen how badly his boots needed polish. He only had to tell one of the servants to do it but she could tell that he never felt comfortable as the 'Boss'.
The next time she passed the back door, Farleigh's boots were there. She put them away in a cupboard, not wanting someone else to do them for him.
After she had finished her rooms she went back for the boots. As she passed the open door of the library she saw Farleigh inside. He sat up and she stopped. He smiled at her and asked her quietly if she could organise him a tea tray.
"Of course, Master Farleigh, sir." She bowed coquettishly and danced the rest of the way to the kitchen.
The kitchen was empty except for a noise coming from the scullery which turned out to be Salem. She caught her breath and heard her heart pounding when she realised who it was. She was already in the small scullery with him. He smiled with pleasure when he caught sight of her. She had whirled into the kitchen like a mini-tornado of light and colour and he was just so glad to see her again.
He cupped his hands around her shoulders as though she were a butterfly and gazed into her face.
Suddenly she remembered.
"Master Farleigh! I must make tea." She struggled slightly and he put her down. She had not even realised that her feet had left the floor. She raced off to put the kettle on. Somehow she managed to put the tea-tray things together and find some biscuits without mishap. Then before taking it through to Farleigh, she scampered back into the scullery where Salem had resumed work.
He had not heard her coming this time and she leapt onto the sink surprising him. Seated like that she was still only eye-level with his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair. She had never felt so wonderfully enveloped in her life. She kissed his throat and disentangled herself. "I'll see you later," she whispered, and ran.
By the time Edie handed Farleigh the tea-tray, her senses were in a whirl.
"Wont you join me?" he said unexpectedly. He seemed to be mocking her. What could he mean? How could she sit and have tea with him in the library?
"I'm going to do your boots," she said curtly. Then more gently, "I'll bring them to your room. Later."
"Very well, Edie. You may go."
She left the room feeling very much like a marionette being pulled in all directions. She fetched the boots and the polish and went to sit on the back step.
* * * * * * *
Edie knocked on Farleigh's door.
"I'm sorry to be so late bringing your boots Master Farleigh sir." It was after eight and Edie had been with Danny since dinner, regaling him with tales of the previous night's adventures. In spite of his reaction early that morning, he really did not mind her using his room. He just could not believe his sister's stamina. His own evening had been tame by comparison. She loved it that she had finally left her brother speechless.
Of course the re-telling had been a kind of re-living with Edie positioning and re-positioning Danny first as Farleigh and then as Salem. Although they had not actually removed any clothing, the whole episode had left her wild. She did not know how convincing she was going to be as the recently deflowered virgin.
Farleigh brushed her apology aside and swept her into his arms as he shut the door. "My love your timing is perfect. I've just come back from dinner myself."
She shrank away from his face. It was only half an act. He was not nearly as attractive as Danny and so unexciting compared to Salem. She spent the next ten minutes making excuses to get away but this only spurred Farleigh on.
By the time Farleigh had his shirt off Edie found she did not need to act anymore. The sight of his skinny pale chest cooled her libido completely. She would much rather have stayed with Danny or gone looking for Salem. She had no idea where he roomed but had a feeling that if she just roamed the grounds a bit he would find her. She wondered if she would survive two nights running with Salem.
She resigned herself to being taken to Farleigh's bed and allowing him to lie on top of her again. She had a vague idea that possibly christian children were taught this position at sunday school. She was determined to broaden Farleigh's conception of sex.
Farleigh was in heaven. Before Edie he had convinced himself that sex was over-rated and far too risky. With Edie he foolishly believed there was no risk, while feeling it was impossible to over-indulge in such pleasure.
Edie could tell that Farleigh was about to come. Gathering up all her strength she pushed him roughly away at the last minute. He was devastated. She was contrite.
"I am sorry, Master Farleigh sir," she stammered. "It was suddenly so painful I couldn't bear it anymore."
"Edie, sweetheart. You must tell me if I'm hurting you." She looked at his erection and then looked into his eyes. There was not much to it but she was not about to tell him that. Not taking her eyes from his she reached out fearfully and touched it.
She appeared afraid to Farleigh but her touch sent thrills through him. This of course was her plan. Glancing at his erection, it had grown a bit from her touching. She gazed back into his eyes with her best wide-eyed in awe face.
"Sometimes it just gets so big Master Farleigh."
He felt weak with pleasure. He just wanted to get back inside her.
"Master Farleigh, sir, I don't mean to be forward . . ."
"Edie, please! Just call me Farleigh. At least when we're alone."
"Yes sir, I mean Farleigh." She smiled tenderly at him. They were sitting on the edge of the bed now. Farleigh had draped a blanket around her shoulders and now slipped a hand between her thighs. Although she still had her hand on his cock, he was not feeling quite so desperate anymore. But he wanted the feeling back.
Edie was determined to take charge, subtly. She took his hand away. "No. It's still sore. I'm sorry." The last was directed at his penis and then impulsively she bent forward and kissed its head. A shiver ran through him and she gently pushed him back down on the bed.
She knelt on the floor between his knees and took his cock in her mouth. Farleigh could not believe the extent to which pleasure gave way to ecstasy. He felt every drop of blood in his body drain down to his groin. The ecstasy reached a peak but just before its release she quickly removed her mouth. A thin wail of disappointment escaped Farleigh's lips.
"Oh, please, don't stop," he whispered gasping.
"Wait, wait. I just need to get my breath back," she lied. She lay down next to him and he started playing with her breasts. He was totally naked now but she still had on a flimsy slip. She waited until he was breathing normally again. Looking at him coyly, she started touching his penis again.
Within moments he was almost losing consciousness with pleasure and her libido had returned, completely. Throwing caution to the wind, she mounted him and they both came almost immediately. Farleigh felt the top of his head blow away. His body had ceased to exist in a sea of bliss.
He raised his head and found Edie limp and wet on his chest. They had almost melted together. He fondled her hair then lifted her chin and kissed her on the lips. He felt his heart swell as he gazed upon her face. He was in despair. Beth would never accept her as his beloved and how could he possibly want anyone else.
Edie got up to use the bathroom. When she came back he tried to draw her back into bed. She resisted demurely, insisting she had to be home before ten.
After a tender good-night kiss, she let herself out, noticing it was only half-past nine. Maybe she could still spend some time with Salem and even get to bed before midnight. If only she knew where to find him.

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