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In da course of my freelance garbage collectin i often get empty condom boxes n sometimes even da pamphlet from in da box. Dis one claims 2b a leadin brand in da USA. Its made by Ansell in da UK. They called Contempo n these r their Endurance condoms. The lubricant contains 4,5% benzocaine to deaden da tip of da penis. Seems 2b da tool 4rapists but dey claim dis wot prolong da action. How many people actually read these tings? Do u no u gettin drugs in yr condoms?

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One side of da pamphlet is da normal instructions in 7official international languages along wit all da usual dirty pictures. On da back is da fineprint. Who ever reads dat? I mean on a condom! It starts wit all da usual disclaimers bout not usin oil-based lubricants n storage directions. Then it makes a generalised statement bout condoms which really offend me. I quote: "Condoms are intended for vaginal intercourse; other usage can increase the risk of breakage." On what basis do they make such an unconstitutional statement? It gets worse. After da usual bit about how these condoms can protect u from HIV n pregnancy etc but no guarantees it then states "Caution: condoms lubricated with nonoxynol-9 are for the vaginal use only and not for frequent multiple daily use." in other words they're not suitable 4 gay men n ho's. But there's no such warnin on da box.

Only at da end in da very fineprint does it tell u bout da benzocaine n all da nasty side effects it can have.

But wot bout dis nonoxynol-9? So i googled it. Turns out dis stuff caused a bit of a stink in da 1990's. Wen it was 1st brought out it was touted as preventing da transmission of HIV. Then they tested it on a group of ho's. They were given da normal warnins n some of dem got nonoxynol-9 n some got placebo's but neither da ho's nor da ones dishing them out knew who got which. In da end wot dey find out is dat da ones usin nonoxynol-9 have higher incidence of HIV infection than da ho's usin da placebo. In other words dis lubricant promotes da transmission of HIV. Dats not all. Da ho's usin dis stuff suffered vaginal lesions n da destruction of da linin of da rectum. Dis stuff is real bad so what r da govt ones lubricated wit? On checkin my stock i find dey dont say anyting bout what or how da condoms r made. Where is Dept of Health in all dis? Dis box is ISO 4074:2002, it has da british bureau of standards stamp as well as our own SABS stamp.

These r supposed to ensure our safe environment but they doin nothin. What's da point of urgin us 2use condoms against aids n then importin condoms dat promote da spread of HIV. At da same time there's no GM labellin on our food n a lot of our food is GM. We're like da guineapigs of human GM testin. N dat too has been shown 2have a devastatin effect on our immune system. N wot bout all da food additives like aspartame causin many people to develop strange forms of diabetes n other side effects. N dem strange high flyin aircraft sprayin us wit who knows what. What's da official word on t

It appears dat Madiba secured his release from prison by sellin us into perpetual slavery. Jus bcos da romans have opened their doors 2all races doesn't make us free. We still under roman rule is jus they black romans. Da anc's mandate was to REPLACE rule of law wit da Constitution (actually da Freedom Charter; but then we had Codesa n it got incorporated into a 'Constitution' enshrining da rule of law). Rule of law was supposed 2b returned to da family where it belong. Government was supposed to have become a civic association focussed on infrastructure provision. All da roman laws n structures like SAPS, Correctional Services, Population Control etc were supposed 2have been dismantled. Decades ago. Until da anc actually throw out all da multi-nationals, close down all heavy industry n mines, act fast 2rescue our environment n then give us back ALL our land, we'll never b free. (born free's? huh!)We don need jobcreation. Is jus da modern slavery. We want our LIFE. Money n da shit it can buy aint no substitute 4 original culture.

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