African Children Empowerment is about teaching children care of the environment in order to live sustainably. The aim is to clean our local stream in order to encourage the return of fish and other natural wildlife eg water birds etc. We will also be developing food gardens based on the principles of permaculture.
We will take in and assist any injured, abandoned or stray animals and care for them until such time as a new home can be found for them or they have healed enough to return to their natural free state.

An alien in his space suit - we call it a tardigrade

beware the tardigrade

miniature aliens - they are all over the world in their millions. the very largest are about 1mm in size.
rainbow butterfly

behold a bona fide citizen of earth
the rainbow butterfly - one of the most beautiful people to inhabit our planet - sadly the arrogance of humanity does not acknowledge it as having equal rights to a safe environment and access to culturally relevant food.

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