"You know this thing about earth being the physical body of god and all that. I been thinking. Actually I needa tell you bout Mamarasta and Sista Boodycall."
"Are those real people?"
Justice, Farleigh and Salem were aitting on Salem's patio, already fairly trashed on Salem's home-grown and the wine Farleigh had 'borrowed' from Beth's collection.
"Yeah, they're two fabulous, amazing womyn. I stayed with them in Kenya for a while. But the thing is, they also believed it. They had a whole quantum physics theory bout it; it's a long story. But then you said something the other day that really got me thinking."
"I did?"
"Yeah Fari. What you said bout the destruction of earth. Like maybe it's not just an accidental side-effect of excessive living."
"You mean the fucked up state of the world. You think it could be deliberate?"
"Yeah, that's exactly what Fari suggested. Guilt could motivate something like that. Specially if you consider the magnitude of what they did. I mean if we go right back to the beginning. The planet was in a state of harmony and beauty. It worked. What Adam experienced was the physical expression of god's will to be alive. It was in balance."
"Ho, Ice, you got me thinkin bout that the other day. I mean if you look at the whole universe, all the so-called heavenly bodies, they're like atoms n stuff."
"The whole big bang theory."
"Yeah, so maybe earth is like the atom of god and the atom's spirit is what was created into human form. I mean the name Adam vs atom."
"You got a point hey. An maybe it was around for millenia taking on all the evolved forms, I mean like evolving bit by bit until it found the so-called perfect form. But I reckon all life is the atom's spirit, the only difference with Adam being he was conscious of it.
"Anyway, I reckon that although the native people had to eke out a living to survive, Adam lived in plenty cos he could command the will of god. But the native people were not suffering at that point. They were living equally as well as any wild creature in its natural habitat, only having a bit more sus, and opposable thumbs, they had accumulated generations of knowledge on how best to survive. So I reckon they were comfortably well off in a simple, natural way.
"So the one thing Adam was not allowed to do, was have kids, cos obviously they would also have that consciousness and therefore also be able to command the will of god. Kinda like having everybody driving at once."
"Yeah," said Fari, "or maybe it would be like god having multiple personality disorder."
"Hey! Anyway when Adam first became physical, his body was something new and somewhat alien to him. So the thought of doing 'that thing' was like 'no fear'. But he was immortal and lived through generations of the local tribes. They must have been aware of him, possibly wary of him, most certainly in awe.
"So who knows how long he was there alone, just exploring and observing. Seeing in all life that nobody is alone. Only him. So anyway he eventually managed to persuade god to provide him with a partner. Someone more like him than the locals. He had to donoate some of his godly dna for that remember."
"Oh yeah, the X and Y chromosomes and all that."
""Okay," said Salem. "One day you must teach me about all that. Here Fari, your turn to crush."
"So I reckon by the time Eve came along he had had plenty of time to get used to his body, even grow fond of it. In fact I'm sure by that time he was already just as much horny old goat as he was god. Only he was keeping the horny old goat in the closet, and, having little experience of human nature, he thought he could keep it there.
"I imagine they must have been quite a spectacle. I mean Adam had been there alone forever, in local terms, and now suddenly he had a wife. It must have been like the first soapie. Anyway I reckon they were good a whole, long while. Maybe it was millenia before they did the dirty."
"Sounds like 'The Bold and the Beautiful'," said Fari, lighting up. "Even if I only watch it once a year, it's like I never missed anything."
"Exactly. Then one day the locals realised that Eve was pregnant. It was probably more of a big deal between Adam and god than it was between Eve n the locals. But I imagine they got forgiven. I mean it was just one baby, not a whole tribe. And maybe they were good again for a whole long time but being immortal, forever is a long time n no doubt they slipped again. And probably got forgiven again. An maybe after like twenty thousand years or so they actually had half a dozen or maybe even a whole dozen sons, or maybe more. And it would have still been alright except of course these boys were blond n beautiful while the local girls were dark n sultry. What can you expect?"
"So," said Farleigh, "the sins of the father were re-visited on the sons and god's multiple personality became a community."
"Zigactly! So now there was a crackdown. The power of the universe lashed out. This everyone driving at once had to stop. The boys that were not satisfied with their own company, the ones that craved female companionship had to go and live as mortals. But of course they were loathe to lose their citizenship of eden so they all swore blind they would never do that thing.
"In the natural culture of earth's people, if your girl got pregnant you went to live with her at her mother's house in order to contribute towards the extra workload. But the sons of Adam and Eve had no culture. They just indulged themselves in pleasure and lorded it over the girls. The babies weren't their problem, they considered themselves ruling class. Then they were told that if one of their girls got pregnant they had to 'marry' her. It was supposed to be a commitment to live according to the girls' culture but they could tell the girls and their families were in awe of them, so it became a case of I will come and live in your household and you will all serve me according to the royalty I am. Even the girls were gullible enough to see it as a status symbol, having one of these sons to serve. This was the start of all empire building on earth.
"But not all of the sons were so. Some of them understood the hazards and implied repercussions of heterosexuality and restricted themselves to their boyfriends. Of course they all had both. They were completely in love with themselves. I mean the girls were gorgeous, but they themselves were divine."
"Oh, yes," Fari clapped his hands with delight.
Salem glowered at him. "So you think you're god an I'm not."
"No, but creatures native to earth are more truly god than the descendants of Adam. We just never knew it. We are natural creations; they are not and have no birthright to be here. But the romans always put us down. Native meaning belonging to the common herd was used as a dis-word. We were not of their class."
Ice looked at his glass and then to Fari. "What?" He passed him his glass. Fari looked at the bottle and got the message. In the absence of Edie, he was the one who could most easily navigate the narrow stairway. He went downstairs and got another bottle.
Soon they were suitably refreshed and Salem was building another spliff. Ice was still holding court. "The whole thing of child sex slaves was started by the romans. For the purity of their souls they did not want to become fathers so they procured children for sex."
"Who?" Edie stepped from between the rocks.
"Hey babe." Salem did not need to stand up to put his arm around her and pull her into his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, before spotting his glass and downing half of it.
"Mmm . . . nice wine Salem."
"Say Thank You Fari." She leaned across Ice and pecked Fari on the cheek. "Thank you Mastafari, sir," she teased. He stuck his tongue out at her and then pushed her jealously away from Ice.
"I've heard about you and your brother."
Edie laughed. "But not this one. Are you still talking about the romans, Ice?"
"Yeah, I was just thinking bout the kids, y'know."
"You, who says none of us should even have been born."
"X! Edith. I was remembering reading Oscar Wilde when I was in England."
"But he wasn't doing that, with the kids, I mean," objected Fari.
"No, I don't mean like that. It was apiece he wrote while locked up in Reading Gaol. It was called 'De Profundis' and it was the most incredible piece of soul-searching or soul-baring writing. He was a christian and had studied the bible, original greek and hebrew and all that. He talks about how Jesus said we should learn how to live by watching the children. Already in Jesus' time we had lost touch with our original culture. But children are born with the knowledge of it. We have to learn it back from them.
"But instead, the system, religion, is forcing the children into a mold of its own creation. Instead of adults learning from the kids, we're forcing them to follow our own corrupted ways. You should see the brainwashing that's going on in nursery and primary schools in Qwaqwa, in spite of our Bill of Rights. That is why we're having a youth crisis world-wide right now. Did you know about that?" He looked at Fari.
"What does that mean. A youth crisis."
"There's a world-wide almost explosion of unemployed youth and they're mostly not particularly interested in getting a job either cos the prospects are not good. And they are bored and restless."
"That's bad," remarked Salem while Fari interjected, "Sounds like me."
"I'm hoping it's gonna turn out to be good for what we wanna do. If we can catch their imagination, there's a lot of energy out there. But now I'm losing the point. There was a connection. This thing about Jesus and the kids. I forget. But I'm sure he was gay. I mean he loved kids. Even me I love kids but I don't feel the need to have any of my own. But Jesus was always surrounded by this group of men, all of whom seemed to love each other very much. I mean the woman loved him too. But women have always loved the gay boys. It's a fact."
"Really?" said Fari while Salem interjected, "Oh rubbish."
"But it's true," said Edie trying to worm her way onto Ice's lap. It was getting dark and the stars were starting to come out. Salem needed to take a leak and get another banky from his stash. He stood up, dropping Edie squarely onto her brother's lap.
"Let's go inside. I'm jus gonna get some more ganja."
"Sure," Ice stood up with Edie on his hip like a baby. He pulled Fari up with his free hand. "Let's go. There's still another bottle?"
"Yes, but it's red."
They squeezed down the stairs, Edie having to relinquish her hold on Ice. When Salem came downstairs they were all sprawled on his bed and Edie was asking Ice, "But do you think Eve knew?"
"Knew what?"
"I mean she's always the one blamed for everything but did she know. She must have known they weren't allowed to, y'know, go all the way," she rolled her eyes, "But did she know what would happen if they did. I don' mean them getting thrown outta paradise. I mean long term; like how it fucked up everything. Adam must have known."
"Ja sure. I agree with you. He must have known. At any rate he must have had a good idea of the consequences. I reckon they were just human, y'know, in that way. Like, as long as Eve was being good about it, then Adam found it easy to be good too. But Eve only had to be not good once, hey maybe it was even after a coupla hundred years of being good.
"And it jus happen that one day, she jus got fuckin horny, dawg. An when that happened Adam suddenly found it wasn't so easy anymore. I can jus hear him 'No Eve, you know we can't do that. Slow down girl.' Hey!" he shouted swatting at Edie. "I said don' touch."
"Huh? Why?" she was getting carried away playing Eve seducing Adam. Ice grabbed at his pants but she already had his fly open and one hand inside. Fari quickly put the bottle down. They had dispensed with glasses when they opened the last bottle. He lurched over Ice protectively, grabbing her wrists. He lifted her easily and dropped her on Salem's lap. But before Ice could close the zip, Fari had his hand inside. Ice decided he was too drunk to do anything but take the line of least resistance. Meanwhile Edie had the bottle of wine which she was feeding Fari while trying unbutton Ice's shirt with one hand. Fari tried to push her away.
"You're spilling," she remonstrated, licking wine off his chin. Salem grabbed her away and she pushed him down on the bed. It was only moments before they were all naked.
In the beginning it was Ice with Fari and Salem with Edie but when Salem started eating his favourite cake, he did not protest when Fari sucked his cock. Ice, spotting an opportunity not to be missed, quickly grabbed his fellow giant from behind. The ensuing ruckus should have brought the house down but as they were inside the mountain, there were only a few minor rockfalls. The fact that Salem's bed survived intact was testament to his craftmanship.
Edie, not being as drunk as the rest of them, eventually found herself wriggling out from under three snoring men. She looked across at Ice wistfully, 'One day my boet,' she thought. She spied the bottle of wine, surprisingly still upright. She pulled on Salem's big t-shirt and started making toast. 'These boys,' she thought. 'No stamina. It's not even nine o'clock.'
After finishing the wine and the toast, she made a spliff, more toast and a pot of tea. Then she woke Salem. He was somewhat disorientated especially when he spied two naked men in his bed. Then it all came back to him. He looked at Edie accusingly, "Wena!"
"Nna? I was still sober. It was you three that was all drunk n randy."
"Ja, right. We was all drunk n you took advantage of that."
"Hey, I'm still a minor. I could sue you all for watchacallit, testimonial rape or something. I was at the bottom of the heap. You was all on top of me. Do you know what that was like?"
"Mm. Sounds like Edie heaven."
"Mm-hmm," she giggled. He had a mug of tea in one hand and was shovelling toast with the other. Completely defenceless and still naked.
"Ay! Do' do da'," he cried with his mouth full. Quickly swallowing he added, "You gonna wake them."
"Fuck it, man," he dumped everything on the table, grabbed the spliff and pushed her up the stairs. Then when they got there he had to send her back down for the matches. When he finally got the spliff going he wanted to know, "What did they do to me?"
"I dunno," she said, "I couldn't see what was going on. You was between me n them."
"Oh rubbish, your head was down there. You was facing them, I know you was."
"I dunno baby, maybe I had my eyes closed. Was it bad?"
"Huh?" They were sitting on the lawn in the moonlight. "It was fucking fabulous," he sighed.
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