"Momma, I'm home," he called as he strode through the open door. Palesa was sitting at the table reading the newspaper. He kissed her cheek and squeezed her shoulders.
"Come and sit, my boy. You hungry? Edith's cooked us dinner."
"And she's cleaned the crib. She's a darling. I see you never moved the table back."
"I like it here. We jus' put the coffee table back. Are you hungry?"
"Not just yet, Ma. Relax." He sat at the table with her.
"I want to hear the rest of your story."
"Ja Ma. It was hectic. After I learned all that stuff I told you bout last night, I was kinda dazed. Any lecture that gave me an opening, I would confront the lecturer with it. Especially the white ones. As I said I passed most everything way ahead of the pack but by the end of the year my relationship with the lecturers was deteriorating.
"When we opened for the second year I had decided to jus' forget it and concentrate on the work y'know, the scientific, technical, practical stuff. But it was too late; I had no idea hey. By the time we opened again I had this kinda following. And they weren't all engineering students either. At that time about sixty percent, maybe more, of the students were white. Of the rest of us, about a quarter of them became my connections. By the end of the first semester, whenever I wasn't in lectures there was like two hundred kids hanging with me."
"Why they was all after you like that? And was there really that kind of racism there too?"
"Yeah but not so much. I mean some of the kids hanging with me were white. It was just' like they all wanted to know what's the story. They'd all heard scraps n they wanted to know more. They wanted details and a lot of them could fill in the gaps with what they had learnt in their studies. Mostly the white kids were offended by my understanding of their history but some of them could see it too."
"Didn't that make trouble for you?"
"And how? I got called into the Dean's office. Twice. I was interrogated about what I was up to. Well the first time it was jus' the Dean and his secretary and it was all terribly polite and we are all gentlemen and all that! The second time their head of security was there and he started claiming that he already knew who I'm working for and what I'm trying to do.
"Then he tried to appeal to me as my mother's son and laying it on thick about being a sponsored student, while the Dean looked out the window, too polite to eavesdrop on my financial problems, hah! You don' know how nauseating polite people can be. They use their manners like a weapon."
"I know, my boy. I know exactly what you mean."
"I told him straight Ma, 'You better tell me what you know about me, cos it's the first I heard about it'. He was a big guy, used to people being intimidated by him, but even then I was bigger than him. You shoulda seen the Dean's face the first time I walked into his office. He only jus' managed to stop himself from hiding behind his secretary. Heh-heh."
Palesa shook her head. "I'm hungry. Let me dish for us, then you can tell me the rest."
"Okay Ma." She was soon back with two plates of food.
"Mmm. You taught her well Ma." Justice had a good tuck in before continuing his story.
"It was about three weeks after that second interview that I came home to find my place wrecked. Not burgled, no. And I wasn't in Res that year. I had my own accommodation close to campus, but it was obviously that arse-hole from security or some of his goons. They just bust the door down and went through everything.
"The only stuff they took was my computer hard-drive and all my disks. In those days I never had any idea about mobilising people. There was nothing unusual on my computer. My disks were all my projects and stuff for the current year. This was near the end of the second semester. It was when I realised that. About my disks. All my work. I was really getting into it and I had worked hard. And everything was on those disks.
"That was on top of realising that I was now marked, possibly even being followed around. Jus' cos I'm a black man or what? I hadn't done anything. But already they were hassling me. When I realised on top of that, all my disks, all my work, gone. I decided 'That's it, I'm outta here.' I packed the two bags I had with what I could salvage out of the mess. Mostly clothes and a couple of my books. I never went back to that address or to varsity. Sorry Ma."
"Nay, you did the right thing, I'm sure. Who knows, you went back there n I never see you again. And look here you are, big and strong and healthy. I pray that you keep making the right choices." She got up and gave her son a big hug. Only when he was sitting down could she hug him properly.
"Come let's go sit where it's comfy. I'll make us tea."
"No Ma, you sit. I'll make tea. Go on. I need to stretch my legs."
* * * * * * *
The next morning Justice made his way to the house to see Beth. He found her in the morning room. Breakfast had been cleared away but the coffee was still hot.
"Morning Mum." He poured himself coffee and kissed her cheek as he sat down beside her. She reached out and took his hand.
"Justice. I am glad to see you. Are you well?"
"I'm very well, and you?"
"Yes I am well, thank you. Just very glad to see you. I have been worrying about what you said the other night. Although it is somewhat blurry and confused."
"I'm sorry about that, Beth. I was terribly drunk and I didn't consider your feelings before going into that whole rant. I really am sorry."
"No, no. It does us all good to have our comfort zones shaken up from time to time. I just want to hear your whole reasoning. It seemed to me that what you were saying is that the whole mess the world is in right now, is the fault of the church."
"Yeah, that is a bit harsh. I think a lot of the churches are quite unaware of the human rights abuses they're supporting. Some of them are even trying to do stuff to alleviate the suffering of the victims. The truth is they're kinda avoiding the issue of who god really is. Instead their power is based on what they consider their direct descendancy from god. Both the christians and the moslems have this hierarchy. But their descendancy is actually from Adam and if you analyse the story of Adam and Eve it soon becomes obvious that it's a symbolic tale forbidding them to have kids because of the very disastrous consequences it would have and has had on earth.
"The very people who are claiming the right to represent god are actually the product of Original sin."
"But that does not mean that what they are saying about god is untrue."
"The whole masculine slant to god as preached by the christians and moslems is a lie. And it's the root of all gender inequality world-wide. Arab women are severely oppressed but although western women are comparatively liberated the western world is still male dominated. Over the millenia this practice has filtered down into all the natural cultures of the world and become entrenched there. Such attitudes did not exist in the natural culture of earth."
"But who says the natural culture was better than Adam's culture?"
"Me, I say it, Beth. The thing is earth was god's perfect creation. As I see it the created culture was the perfect culture. When Adam first arrived on earth everything was perfect, it was a paradise.
"The problem with the descendants of Adam and Eve, they were not a part of that natural culture. The rest of us were still natural beings operating according to nature's will. They were not and they had no birthright to be here with their god-consciousness. Earth's culture had no need of the worship of the father god. That was invented for the sole benefit of Adam's descendants. Not only did they infect us with that consciousness, they also twisted the story to make themselves out to be the pious, pure ones and us the tainted. We were the innocents."
"It is a shocking story Justice. But surely if it was true somebody would have been proclaiming it long ago."
"Somebody did Beth. About two thousand years ago. His name was Jesus. However, the christians, started by Ptolemy about three hundred years BCE, used the council of Nicea, some three hundred years after Jesus' time, to have him declared the 'Christ'and deified as the son of god. Of course Jesus' vast following thought they were vindicated by this move, whereas the romans were just adopting him as their mascot in order to replace the crumbling roman empire with the new holy roman empire. The reason they got away with it is because the truly righteous sons of Adam were the ones who did not infect earth's culture with their genes. They brought forth no new generations, they were gay Beth. As a result they had died out by that time.
"Those same families who founded the holy roman empire are the ancestors of the very same handful of people who govern the wealth and power of the world today. What we call The Bilderberg Group. The heads of multi-national corporations, and all the political leaders of Europe, Asia and North America. Especially the US. It was a big blow to Europe, historically, when they lost control of America after most of their wealth and power moved there."
"But what about Obama?"
"What about him?"
"He is an African, is he not?"
"He is an american, Beth. And although he has some alleged African roots he is far more closely connected to those families that consider the rest of us their chattel."
"You have strange sources of information, Justice."
"I've found it necessary. The world is full of deception and the media is controlled by those orchestrating the deceit. If you want to know the real truth, it doesn't work to just 'google' it."
"So what is the solution, Justice, or are we doomed?"
"Unless we do something really drastic, yes, we're doomed. But when I say drastic, I mean radical, literally."
"Literally? As in pertaining to the root?"
"Exactly Beth. What the majority of Africans are realising is that our ancestors lived comfortable lives without any of the trappings of modern technology whereas now we live miserable lives so that the 'whites' including the black elite, can enjoy those trappings. So once we have a large enough following continent wide, we will come out in opposition to the so-called AU which is really that same black elite. What Obama has made obvious to us is that the romans are no longer all white.
"Once we can honestly lay claim to being the voice of the masses we can evict all the so-called foreign investment, the multi-national corporations, even the foreign NGO's. All those foreigners exploiting our natural resources, particularly in places like Nigeria, Sudan and DRC, must all go."
"What is wrong with the NGO's. How or what are they exploiting?"
"A lot of them are just fronts for human trafficking and other notorious ends. Like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation trying to poison our lives with GMO seeds and other equally dodgy agricultural techniques. Ironically the wealthy world is far more dependant on what it is getting from Africa than it will ever admit. If we stopped exporting our meat and fruit we would have more than enough to go around. If we stopped exporting our minerals the rest of the world would be almost crippled. And that is what we need to do in order to regain the upper hand. We need to act fast in other ways too. There are unscrupulous countries offering large sums to struggling countries to have them accept their toxic waste. Africa could rapidly become the world's garbage tip. We need to declare our whole continent a conservation area. Halt all polluting industries, especially the mines. Just close down everything."
"But you can't do that Justice. What about jobs?"
"We need to go right off the money standard Beth. The whole system is heading for a crash and Africa is sitting at the bottom of the pile. We need to get out before the whole thing falls on us. We gonna give everyone a deadline. Any industry that does not pass our rigorous environmental standards by that time just gets closed down. No more fossil fuels. No more poisoning of our earth."
"What about road transportation, aeroplanes?"
"It's all gotta stop."
"No! It's ridiculous. I mean everything, absolutely everything will come to a standstill."
Justice beamed and nodded. She stared at him incredulously.
"How will we even cook? No coal generated electricity, no gas, not even parrafin or coal for coal-stoves."
"But it's those very problems that will bring us through. Those fundamental questions upon which our very survival is dependant. We in Africa have survived slavery, colonisation, foreign investment, hah! Many, many things; we are strong."
"Is that not what Mugabe was trying to do?"
"Mugabe never had the methodology. In the beginning he was definitely on the right track but I believe that somewhere along the line he was influenced by the wrong advisors. People who wanted him to fail. Fidel Castro and Che Guevarra had the methodology. We could learn a lot from them."
"But Cuba is socialist!"
"I know; and the media has the whole world hung up on this gung-ho mob-rule thing called democracy."
Beth stared at him. "You don't believe in democracy."
"I don't believe in democracy in a world so controlled by a media that is under the control of the corporonialists. It has definitely failed Africa. The ANC could have done what we want to do. They have the power and the leadership but I don't think they have the guts. They are too blinded by economics.
"Mbeki was supposed to have been the economics genius but his policies failed the people. Did you know that under Mbeki South Africa became the first country, and is still the only country in the world, who has genetically modified the staple food of its own people. GMO's are truly a modern weapon of mass destruction and the ANC is using that weapon against us.
"Now Zuma has the difficult task of keeping us afloat in a world that is in economic crisis. And what has he done? Built himself an impregnable retreat. This does not inspire confidence. Meanwhile under him, the government's big drive is job creation. But as Jomo Kenyatta said, it's not our culture to indenture our labour. ANC was supposed to free the people from this yoke of colonial hangover slavery. If we can drop right out of the whole monetary system, we can stay one step ahead of them.
"Once we come through the mayhem, we will be leagues ahead of them and in a position to take on the world as an equal power, instead of the crippled state Africa is in at the moment."
"Justice, your ideas certainly are radical; and quite exhausting. If that is out only solution . . . Oh, good morning Farleigh, did you sleep well?"
"Yes thanks, Mother. Hello Justice."
"Hey Farleigh. How you doing?"
"Spiffing. What you up to?"
"Just came to visit Beth a bit, but I'm afraid I've wearied her with the woes of the world."
"I am fine. But I think I will go and have a little lie-down before lunch. You will have lunch with us?"
"Thanks, Beth, I'd love to. What you say, Farleigh; you n me go finish planting veggies for Palesa? I found a whole stash of seeds at home."
"Sure. Let me just drink my coffee."
"You must eat something Farleigh."
"Oh. Mother! It's nearly lunch time."
She smiled and left them to it.
* * * * * * *
Later, while they worked, Farleigh wanted to know, "What about Pan?"
"What about him?"
"Well you were saying how the romans were the sons of Adam and I was wondering about Pan because he is always depicted like the original satan."
"Yeah poor Pan. More like the original scape-goat. It wasn't Adam's sons that were the romans. Mars was the son of Adam and the father of Remus and Romulus."
"Who were suckled by a she-wolf."
"I don't believe it was literally a wolf. I believe that was just the prejudices of Adam's family against the native people of earth. What I believe is that Romulus and Remus were set afloat the River Tiber in their crib. The local villagers must have unwittingly rescued them and found them a wet-nurse.
"Anyway they were the founders of Rome and set their family on a pedestal to be worshipped. But not all of Mars' siblings were like him. A lot of them were homosexual. Pan was the coolest one. He loved the earth and all it's possibilities. He had no need to dominate or be worshipped. His love of earth was such that wherever he went earth's will to live flourished.
"That is why the holy roman empire painted him the devil. He refused to share their burden of guilt and instead shared his love of earth with the mortals, basically showing us the power of accessing earth's will. If we had listened to Pan we would have learnt the truth about god long ago and they would never have succeeded."
"Yeah and the truth about satan too. From what you said god is just a mask created by satan to fool us. And we have been fooled."
"Wa bona."
"Okay, so now we've planted everything, should we build a temple to Pan to encourage earth's will to live to flourish here?"
"Yeah right. It's the whole worship thing that's fucked up da earth in the first place. Way I see it worship is the constitutive act of satan. As soon as you worship something it becomes another tool accessible to satan. All we needa do is love earth the way Pan did and she will flourish. Oh, goody was that the lunch-buzz? What we must do is come back this evening and give it all a good soaking."
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