It was Sunday morning again. Three weeks since the time Edie had tried to go to church. She and Salem were lying on his hillside 'patio' drinking beer and listening to the organ music and singing from the church. Salem stood up.

"Let's go down and listen." He motioned towards the graveyard. For some reason he really enjoyed the church music, in spite of being a dedicated reggae fan.

"Okay. Lemme jus' get another bottle to take with."

They clambered down the hill and followed the path towards the graveyard. There was a dense hedge opposite the church entrance and they sat in its shade on a thick pile of leaves from last winter. The singing had stopped but they were close enough to hear the cadence of the mass.

Edie snuggled up to Salem in spite of the heat. She downed what was left of her drink and slipped her cool fingers inside his shirt. He shivered and tossed his drink too. He rubbed her nipple gently under his thumb and lowered his mouth to hers. Just then the singing started again and he lifted his head to listen. His eyes glowed with pleasure.

Through the fabric of his jeans she could feel his erection throbbing against her thigh. She opened his fly and freed his cock from his shorts. She rubbed in time to the music and felt his whole body thrill. His eyes were half closed and his mouth started to fall gently open. She put her tongue between his teeth and suddenly he was kissing her passionately, his cock thrusting urgently in her small fist.

Edie ripped her panties off and straddled him, crossing her ankles behind his back. She rode him, still keeping the rhythm of the hymn. As it climbed to a rousing crescendo, so did their passion and the orgasm that ripped through them as the hymn ended was annihilating. Edie felt her body become, as organ music, just wind. When she could feel Salem's arms around her again, he seemed to be weeping into her hair.

She wiped his face and looked into his eyes.

"I love you, girl!" His pupils were luminously huge. It was as if she could see straight into his soul. She felt, in amazement, her own pupils growing. Everything around her was getting brighter.

"I love you too," she whispered and felt his lips on her cheeks. She could not understand why she found it so hard to say. She had never felt too young to have sex but she always felt too young to say 'I love you'. Yet she knew that she loved this man and could not deny it.

They opened the other beer and finished it while listening to the rest of the mass. The last hymn started. Salem knew it was the last one because it was always the same. He had no idea what it was about but it was his favourite. It was as if his soul took flight when he listened.

Edie could feel his excitement as the hymn started. The way he caught his breath and lifted his chin to listen better. She kissed his throat and started to take his pants right down. They were both still almost fully dressed. He lifted his buttocks to allow her to remove his trousers and as he sat again she lowered her mouth to his hardening penis. He lay gently alongside her, head to toe, and spread her legs with his fingers. He touched her gently, softly, slowly, both of them keeping time with the music. Then she felt his breath between her thighs and his tongue started teasing her clitoris. Still keeping time with the hymn their ecstasy rose, but the hymn ended quietly leaving them still high.

She could feel his fingers teasing her insides and his tongues was licking her anus, probing urgently. She released his cock, gasping and turning her body. He mounted her from behind, his breath rasping. She felt his throbbing penis push between her cheeks and moaned as her sphincter opened to take him. She was up on her knees as he thrust into her and she found herself facing the church as the doors opened.

She could see everyone clearly though she knew they could not see her. She felt her excitement increase with the sudden proximity of all these people. Salem had his fingers on her vagina and felt her sudden excitement. He thrust into her deeper and then looked up, suddenly hearing voices.

When he saw all these people standing right there in their fine clothes his breath suddenly roared in her ears. He bent forwards again, pumping uncontrollably. She felt the pleasure start deep inside her and spread suddenly, immediately, throughout her body.

Salem was kissing the back of her neck and her throat was parched. She could feel his semen running down the back of her leg and he was whispering something urgently in her ear. Edie opened her eyes cautiously, hearing voices close by. There were already people in the street. Salem was quietly pulling his pants up. Edie started carefully pulling her dress straight and looking for her panties when she heard Farleigh's voice.

"Let's go Mother! I'm hungry." He was standing just inside the church yard gate.

"Farleigh. I'm just talking to Father Russell." She was always talking to Father Russell.

The sound of Farleigh's voice so close, while she was with Salem, suddenly aroused her all over again.

"It's him! It's Farleigh!" She jumped into Salem's lap, catching his ear between her teeth. She was dressed but her skirt was still half unbuttoned. Salem felt her trembling and put his hand between her legs, stroking her panties. The gusset was warm and damp and throbbed against his touch.

He pressed his fingers harder, feeling her open up through the fine fabric. He slipped one finger inside and watched her eyes roll back. She gasped and moaned and he closed his mouth over hers to prevent any more sounds escaping. He played his fingers inside her feeling her arousal growing rapidly. Suddenly Farleigh's voice floated surreally around them. Edie's whole body arched at the sound and Salem felt her wetness running down his fingers. He was stroking her hair and buttoning her skirt when he became aware of a pair of shoes on the other side of the hedge.

Oblivious, Edie was murmuring his name and kissing his cheek. Suddenly a stream of hot water poured through the hedge and drenched her blouse. Edie shrieked, backing away. Salem realised there was a man standing there taking a piss. The bushes suddenly parted.

"Edie!" It was Farleigh.

* * * * * * *

Edie and Salem scarpered up the hill to his place while Farleigh was being severely reprimanded by his mother for ruining the sanctity of the moment. Farleigh was so devastated by what he had just seen that he never even heard Beth's rantings.

Farleigh had no idea who Salem was although he had seen him around. He was determined to find out. He would have him sent away whatever the cost. He longed to personally assault the man but knew that he was no match. He walked home at Beth's side glowering. She assumed he was angry with her for admonishing him in public and studiously ignored him the rest of the way.

When they got home Farleigh dropped onto the sofa, uncharacteristically perching on the edge of the seat, cracking his knuckles and hissing between his teeth. Beth had seen her son angry before but never like this. Suddenly he looked into her eyes with such fury, she was afraid.

"I need a gun!"

"Who . . ? What . . ? Farleigh, what is going on?"

"Nothing Mother. I just need a gun that's all."

"What were you doing there, sticking your head in the bushes? I'm sure I had just seen you wee there."

"I wish you wouldn't say that. 'Wee'." He mimicked her.

"Farleigh! Who was behind those bushes?"

"Never you mind; it's none of your business. Just let me go shopping for a gun. It wouldn't be a bad thing, you know, having a gun around the house."

"Looking at your face, I think it would be a very bad thing." Farleigh's face now became chillingly composed and Beth was not sure which was worse. "I'm sure I heard a shriek coming from those bushes. Like that little girl Edie. She always shrieks like that."

"Little girl! She's hardly a little girl."

"She's fourteen. That is pretty little from where I stand. From where you stand too for that matter."

"She can't possibly be only fourteen. But how could she tolerate that beast. Oh I can't bear it."

"What are you talking about? Who was she with and why are you so worked up about it? You did not do it Farleigh? Whatever you were contemplating the other day." Beth was looking at her son with disgust now.

"Mother, I plan to make Edie my wife." He expected his mother to be outraged but she just looked at him in total amazement. The next moment, to his astonishment, she started giggling and was soon almost hysterical.

"Mother, you have finally flipped. I'm going to lie down."

"No!" His mother's imperious tone came out more as a gasp as she caught her breath. "You've forgotten something. You just caught her in the bushes with another man. And she is only fourteen. What do you suppose she will be like when she is thirty? Living off your money and supporting all her working class lovers. That is what she will be like."

Farleigh threw her a tortured glare and stormed out of the room. Not looking where he was going he immediately collided with a solid black object that should not have been there. Farleigh stepped back and saw to his surprise, a tall, well built, black man standing in the hall.

"Yo, dude. Folly? 'Sme Justice, only these days they call me just Ice, heh-heh." He put out his hand.

"Excuse me?" It came out half as an apology for not looking where he was going, but more like an 'excuse me, who?'

"Justice, oh, Justice!" Farleigh heard his mother's wail burst from the living and, ignoring the man's hand, he turned towards the sound as she ran into him.

"Farleigh! It's Justice."

Farleigh was amazed to see his mother embrace this strange black man who seemed to know him.

"Farleigh, you do remember Justice?"

"Er . . . no."

"He is Palesa's first born. I think you were nearly five years old, Justice, when Farleigh was born. You always used to play together."

"How sweet. And I was a little baby and you expect me to remember."

"Hey, I remember you well, dude. I was twelve by the time I went off to high school. You were already in school then."

Farleigh looked at Justice. Somewhere there was a bell ringing but it was too far away. He could not hear it.

"Justice, you will stay with us, wont you. We can fix up the annex for you."

"Moth - er."


"I'm staying in the annex, remember."

"Oh yes. I do not understand why you moved out there."

"So that I can fornicate with the servants."

"Farleigh!" By this time Justice is beaming at the exchange. Farleigh sneaked off to plan his revenge.

"Relax Beth, I got me just one bag n I'm sure Palesa can squeeze me in somewhere. Hey I needa see me Momma. She be in da kitchen? I could use me a cuppa."

"Ha Justice. You have been gone too long. Your mum retired about two years back, although she still takes my mending home. Let us go down to the cottage and surprise her."

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