Tuesday, July 8, 2014, 07:37

Accordin 2 roman dutch law or in other words dis ting Zuma stands for n calls da rule of law, da people who rob n steal r da criminals.

Jesus had a reputation 4encouragin such people. This was not in order 2 'save' them from breakin da law as da christians wud have us tink. It was bcos da sinners r not da people who steal. Its property dat is da biggest sin. To claim ownership of anythin is a total sin against creation. Dis y jesus always preached against material wealth. When everythin belong 2everyone there is no personal wealth ie nothin 2steal. Instead there is natural abundance.

Also dis ting of da last supper when dey ate of da body n drank of da blood. He was explainin 2dem bout us all bein 1 - InI - n dat1 is creation n creation n creator r one so woteva we eat or drink is of da earth therefore it is of da creator ie its body n blood. Dis in da oldest hebrew scripture dat da creator made da InIverse out of its own self.

But da creator bein da force of love does not want 2b worshipped. Dat's only some dumb tyrant can bhave like dat. To create all dis in order 2b worshipped. Na, na, jah not dat ting. Jah is love n jah only wanna b loved n jah 4eva love u. Sin got nothin 2do wit it. Dat's some roman shit. Try never 2own anythin n avoid money whenever possible thru always sharin, NOT TRADIN! But most importantly of all remember: it makes no difference at all wot u call da ting u worship, whether u call it god or jesus christ or allah or jah ras tafari or haile selassi or satan or even earth, it make no difference at all wot u call da ting u worship, if u commit da act of worship u r servin da roman force of world domination.

Worship is da constitutive act of satan.


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